Monday, February 28, 2011

+OPK=Happy Nikki :)

Yesterday I finally got a + OPK! I took the test right before getting in the shower. I almost wasn't going to, I was rushing because we had my mom, step dad, sister, niece and grandmother coming over for dinner, but so glad I did! I couldn't believe it when the first line started turning so dark! I used an IC, then a CB, then a CBE digi, and finally got my smiley!! :) So hopefully I'll be O'ing today, and then have my first real TWW. I've tested before, but that was just because my cycles were crazy and I never knew when AF would show. I'm so happy the Clomid worked and the side effects were worth it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is our cycle! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Praying to the O gods...

Please let me ovulate!!!! I don't know how I'm going to handle the 2WW. I can't even have patience while waiting to O. I know I started them early, but I've been taking OPK's since the 8th. I hate getting negatives. Yesterday, the test line looked to be the darkest I've seen on one so far, but no where near a +. So when I POAS today after work, I kind of hoped to see a +. But no dice. I'm hoping for tomorrow! I think the latest I probably would ovulate is the 28th or 29th. I go for the progesterone bloodwork on March 4th to see what the results is. Hoping & praying!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Holy Hot Flashes

I took my last dose of Clomid on Friday the 18th. That night we went to the Rascal Flatts concert, which was a blast. Except for the fact that during dinner, and during the first 10 minutes of the concert, I had hot flashes. The dinner one wasn't too bad, but during the concert, YUCK! It came on so fast, and all of a sudden I was just pouring sweat. My back was dripping, my forehead was covered. DH looked over at me and asked if I was crying, lol, because it was running down my face. Gross. And I'm sitting so close to someone, I'm sure they must have felt the heat radiating from me. The next day I also ended up with a horrible headache, that came and went until last night. *knock on wood* it hasn't come back yet. No +OPK yet, but I know I started that a little early. Today is CD14, 3 days after finishing the Clomid. I have noticed some cramping/pain in my lower abdomen, and I hope that and the hot flashes means its working! We'll see I guess! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Last Day of Clomid & Rascal Flatts!

Well today is already the last day of my first round of Clomid! I haven't had the side effects too bad *knocks on wood* so we'll see! Just a headache here and there, a little nauseous at night after I take it, and thats about it. So hopefully it'll work and I'll ovulate! I started using OPK's 3 days ago (I know its way too early, but I need to get the urge out of my system lol) , and will continue to do so until I hopefully get my first positive OPK! This cycle I also have been drinking a cup of green tea each day, and also a cup of POM each day. I also bought some pre-seed, hoping that will help too when the time comes! :)

DH got me tickets to Rascal Flatts for my birthday and we're going tonight! I can't wait! Its at Mohegan Sun casino in CT, I'm hoping to stop by one of the slots and maybe get lucky ;) Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Woops, forgot to update this after my RE appt with DH on Monday. It went well! All tests came up normal, its just because of my crazy ass cycles that I don't ovulate. So he said the best thing right now is to start Clomid. He had me start it right when I got home. As for side effects, if there even could be any yet, I had a bad headache last night, and both last night and today I feel a bit nauseous. But I can def deal with that as long as it works! I did finally start temping this cycle, too. I also got the script for Provera, if this cycle does not make me ovulate, than I will be taking that and starting the Clomid over next cycle days 5-9.

DH was funny that night after our appointment.  He asked me about names, talked about me staying home, talked about what we have to do around our house before our LO arrives. It was really cute :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Back To The RE Today...

I'm  headed back to the RE today, feels like its been forever! Its only been a month, but I've been so anxious to get back there, finally have DH with me since he couldn't make the last appointment, get my blood work results, and hopefully be able to start Clomid! I'll try to update later when I get home :)

Happy Valentines Day to all my bumpie friends!! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pulling Out All The Stops.....

Here's to giving it our all...went on a little TTC shopping spree. Pre-seed - check. Fertility Friend VIP - check. Green Tea- check. Pom - check. Stocked up on Amazon OPKs & HPTs - check. First Response Early Result HPTs - check.

Next stop - RE on Monday, going over test results and hopefully getting some Provera and Clomid and crossing my fingers that it works!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Of course it comes today. Been spotting since Friday night. I never spot before I get AF. My guess is the spotting is from the cyst I had/have. Hope its gone now. I was really bummed to se AF today, I was hoping the bitch would hold of at least until later in the week. Next Monday is our next RE appointment where we'll go over the tests, and hopefully we'll be able to start Clomid. But of course now I'll have to take Provera, or wait another 70-something days until AF decides to show up again. So frustrating! I'm crossing my fingers the tests came out ok, and that I'm just not ovulating. Heres to hoping its an easy fix!