Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newborn Diapers - Check!

So I've been a little bit obsessed with cloth diapers. I'm surfing the net every day in search of deals, reviews, etc. So far I've bought quite a bit for 19 weeks, I think anyways.

For newborn diapers, I think I'm all set. Here is my list so far:

36 Cotton Babies Indian Prefolds (already prepped, yep its early)
Rockin Green Classic Detergent - Bare Naked Babies
2 Snappi's
1 13 Gallon  Hefty Trash Can with lid
2 Planet Wise Pail Liners
1 Medium Planet Wise wet bag
1 Small Planet Wise Wet Bag
36 Etsy Seller Cloth flannel wipes (Buying 36 more this week)
2 - 8oz Mist Spray Bottles for wipes
2 - 8oz Pump Bottles for wipes
4 - Extra Small Thirsties diaper covers
4 - Newborn Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers

I'm hoping to be able to wash every other day with the 36 diapers for the newborn stage. Here is a pic of just the diapers & covers.

I love fluff!! Still working on our one size stash, so far its 9 BumGenius 4.0 snaps. Hoping for some more BumGenius, Blueberrys, Rumparooz, and a Flip travel set for when we're on the road. :)

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